Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding Website

One of our consultants, Jessica, has a lovely bride and groom, Jannie and Binh, that I want to brag about! If anyone is considering putting together a wedding website you need to check out theirs first! They have been very creative and informative and I know it has been helpful to their friends and family. They also had a few nice things to say about us on their site:

Hiring a wedding consultant - April 10, 2008

"After letting the stress build, I took the plunge and started looking for a wedding consultant/coordinator. I've been worrying so much about the night of the reception and all the little things entangled with it, that I couldn't foresee myself enjoying the evening without getting super stressed out.

Christina recommended that I reach out to Chelsey Dane with Bride Associates even if it were to have a helping hand on the day-of the wedding. Luckily with a few email exchanges, I was able to set up a time to meet with Chelsey the same week I had contacted her.

Our initial meeting went smoothly, and I was impressed. Both Chelsey and Jessica had great personalities that meshed well with mine, and boy were they sharp! They asked me all the right questions about our reception, which of course, I didn't have any answers to. By the time the meeting ended, I felt like a big boulder had been lifted off my shoulders.

So, I hired Bride Associates and they'll be overseeing the night of our reception to ensure that things run smoothly -- allowing me, Binh and our families to enjoy our wedding day."