Friday, May 21, 2010

Bride Associates Birthday

Do you like Kickball? How about Pink Lemonade? Hot dogs and Hamburgers!

Well, Bride Associates turned five years old and we are throwing the best birthday party a five year old could hope for! It wouldn’t be a party without all of you, so be sure to RSVP for a great afternoon together of games and surprises you won’t want to miss!

We want to thank our family, friends, and entire wedding industry for helping us grow, encouraging our talents, and making us family. We are grateful for your friendship, support and love and look forward to sharing many more expierences with you for years to come!

When: Sunday May 23, 2010
Time: 1PM to 4PM
Where: Kimzey Park (Click for directions here)
Questions:  Drop a note at
We hope to see you there and THANK YOU for your support!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day? If you are a Bride or a Groom, give your Mother the gift of joy on your wedding day by hiring Bride Associates! Are you the Mother of the Bride? If you are, we would like to extend a special Mother's Day Gift just for you! Schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Wedding Planners during the month of May or June and enjoy a DAY AT THE SPA on us! You deserve it! Plus enjoy a wedding day filled with no stress, no worries, and knowing all the details will be handled by the Bride Associates Team allowing you to fully enjoy this special day.

Top 5 Reasons We Believe the Mother of the Bride Should Hire a Wedding Planner

5. Because this is one of those moments in life where you are surrounded by the most important people in your life and the last thing you should be worrying about are if the vendors arrived on time, the favors were put on the table, and if all the details have been handled.

4. Because the end of the night comes too fast and the last thing you want to do at Midnight is to move gifts, put up vases, and supervise vendor cleanup. With those tired feet you want to be the one with your heels off sipping the last glass of champagne!

3. Because the term 'momzilla' actually exsists.
2. Because you still want a relationship with your daughter after the wedding.  

1. And the most important reason is that the only thing you should worry about is whether your makeup smears when you hug the bride!

Don't take our word for it! Here is letter from a special Mother of the Bride:

"There are no words adequate enough to frame the happiness and beauty and love expressed on Becky's special day. That glow on her whole person was an aspect of her I had never seen in her whole life. I want to thank you for what you did to accomplish such a wonderful day. It is your job to do all that, I know, but we both felt a much deeper emotion working with you than just business. So, with all my heart, I thank you for helping me expierence Becky as she was on that day. Tears of joy and laughter come every time I relive the moments. I shall pray God's blessing on you and your business. Thank you, Mrs. Rose"