Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet & Greet Rufus Felix

Meet: Traci Cruse (designer) and Kelly Cruse (co-owner)

Company: Rufus Felix LLC

How I got my Special Talent: I have always loved growing things, even as a child. I loved flowers and pods and branches and odd bits of nature. As an adult, I completed a degree in Theatre and Acting and eventually took that appreciation for drama and the manipulations learned in stage craft and applied it to flowers. That is why the back of our business cards read "nature...rearranged".

Favorite wedding trend: I love the new trends in unique color combinations. It is so fun to work on a wedding with a color duo of yellow and grey, or purple and lime green. It adds new dimensions and so many options to the design process. Fun, fun, fun!

Three fun facts about Traci:

1. Our company is named after our paternal grandfather, Rufus Felix Cruse.
2. I am uber-eco-friendly. I Free-cycle. I recycle everything I can at the shop, and do organic gardening at home. We even rescued a tree frog that came in with the orchid shipment. He couldn't live here, so we gave him to a learning center so kids can gaze at "Scooter" and watch him eat crickets.
3. I don't have a favorite flower. I like them all and love one more than others, then the season changes and so does my preference. A few blooms that always make the list: Ranunculus, Garden roses, and Blushing Bride protea.

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